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Sunday, June 28, 2009


why? why are they so difficult?! why isnt there any good ones? ok so i get i have a patteren of finding the really wrong ones.. but aghhhhhh how they heck do u find the good ones? this is so frustrating. i keep hearing stop looking.. ok i stopped still run into the wrong ones! im stuck. i need a change.. big change in my life... dont mean just my love life.. i feel like ive been on pause. time to get off my ass and do something good for myself.

Monday, June 22, 2009

oh forgot pics of my 30th!

been so long

since ive blogged. i really need to get back into this.. felt good to get all my feelings out. but lately ive just been so blah.. news.. my brother got married.. wedding was awesome even though i dont remember much of the end.. wine makes my brain fuzzy~! Anthony has started texting me a lot more.. all this love stuff.. to confusing to even think about right now. i have to try and keep someone kinda focus on me and bee.. have to better my self! agh i just miss so much about him. of course theres all the shit i will never miss..and am so glad to be away from.