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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

late night trip to walmart

sigh.. so i know i have been single for a while now but it just dont get easier. tonight i went to walmart to go get some stuff for the house. and i was good till i seen this couple loading stuff into their car together then i turn the other way and theres another couple just making out by their car. sigggggh. stupid but i miss all the little things. think it just got worse having anthony here all that time. and i kinda knew it wasnt real when i tried to kiss him more then just the pecks he was giving me.. but i wanted it to be real so bad i just ignored it. how depressing to know theres no one that loves me anymore. well no guy i guess not the kinda love i want. and theres no guy i love back. im not sure what this feeling is. its almost anger? but no one to really be mad at? stupid.