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Thursday, May 24, 2012

the war at home

first things first... i had a baby! my litle love Ace.. born on dec 27th 2011.. the love of my life.. i could talk all day about him.. but whats really on my mind right now is the war at home. my daughter B and my bf A... are at eachothers necks.. and lucky ol me gets to be stuck right smack dab in the middle. she is 16 and not too bad of a kid. she has a mouth on her and thats what gets her in trouble. but my 32 yr old bf is the one that is really driving me nuts. he acts just like her.. and worse! does things on purpose to piss ppl off.. agh.. its just such a huge mess at home.. i dont know how to deal with any of it.. so i just slip into my own little world. i know it doesnt help matters but i guess it help keep me calm and not blow up... but i have to find some help. because my little world is slowly slipping away! some one is going to get hurt!