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Saturday, September 5, 2009


i wish i had something super great to write about. basically was just another stupid bar night. i hate staying home but at the same time... this whole going out every weekend with the same result.. is just sooooooo fucking old.... im tooo fucking old for this shit... really i mean im like the oldest one.. like really what the fuck am i supposed to do tho.. stay home and twiddle my thumbs? i hate every boy i meet. and not like anthony is ever going to change... hes just agh i dunno. so almmmmmost perfect but just not quite.. i cant get over some of his shit. anddddd so jumpy bout the old shit.. fuck if im ever going to be put down like he puts me down.. i have NO clue how to meet anyone new.. anyone REAL.. really why they fuk dont ppl ask anyone out? how did i miss all this growing up? oh yeah cashed in all my chips at 15.. boy did i miss out on a lot of schoolage! welp im here now.. what to do what to do.. i work at home.. no contact with the outside world unless i go out? im not going to meet mr right at the grocery store.. or walmart.. thats about all i got. websites suck just as much as the bar does.. am i just supposed to be single forever? i dont know how bitches do it.. bf after bf... dude this last one almost made me flip to the other team.. ack.. na never.. ok fuk how sad huh. everyone thinks i like being single.. and not having another kid.. so sick of ppl telling to have another kid.. fuck all you fuckers for reminding me! agh hate everyone right now!