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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st 2010- im alive

so im 31yrs old. when i was 12ish i thought 31 was super old.. grown up age. fuck i was so wrong. im scared to death that im never going to get it. never going to figure out my money. never going to figure out this being a mother thing. never going to figure out this whole relationships thing. but you know what scares me the fuking most.. this whole boys thing. i dont get it. millions of couples out there. i just dont fucking get it. agh brain is mush. mas manana..

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Cullum Family said...

i am 37 almost 38 and i never thought i would make it to 30 and let me tell you i still don't get it...any of it...good luck with figuring it out! let me know when you do :)