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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 wrap up

So much happened in 2010. a lot of great stuff. and a lot of horrible stuff. Glad to say i made it through all of it in one piece...(mostly).Im always learning. mistake after mistake i try and remember the lesson. im hanging out with Anthony again. Scared crapless but it just feels soo good. i feel like me around him. just me. i dont get to feel that very often. this year my toughest challenge was being a mom. so many times i wished i could just quit. or take a longgg vacation from being mom. but then again i dont even know who i would be if i wasnt mom, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, gf. for the coming year i want to find a little more of me. what makes me happy. i want to have a healthy relationship with all around me. mostly my teen. i reallllly hope she grows out of this rocky phase asap. 2011....cant wait to meet you. :)

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